The Race
Race 2019
The Race returned to the Goose River August 17 and challenged 14 teams in a new 19-km Classic Race route. The route started at the bridge on Goose River (Route 520), paddling down Goose River into Welbourne Bay, swung north to the creek at Gosling Lake, for a breezy paddle across the Lake to the finish line at Gosling Park Beach.

Awards and Race barbecue was hosted across the road at Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club.

First place overall winner of the Race was Team 62 Bob Vincent and Gwyn Hayman with an official time of 2:15:28. Team 69 Rory Blake and Max Blake finsihed a close second with a time of 2:16:57, followed by third place finishers Team 73 David Barnes and Bryn Wood who edged out the fourth place finishers by a short 22 second time spread! Congrats to all racers and particpants! Click here for the full 2019 Race Results.
Race 2017
The last race was held on the Goose River on August 19, 2017. The new course on the Goose River saw a smooth transition to new challenges with 24 teams competing. First place finish in the all men's category and overall winner of the Classic Race was Andreas Phillips and Anautak Phillips, team 'NWR' with a time of 1:24:47. Team 'McCahn' paddlers Jessica Dahn and Sara McCarthy claimed first place in the all women's category and the mix team first place was captured by Robin and Bev Cooper, team Minipi Outfitters.

Congrats to Brad Nisbet and his daughter Ivy Nisbet on winning the grand prize draw and taking home a new canoe!

Click here for official Race Results 2017

To learn more about the 2017 race rules please visit our Rules Page.

For race route information visit our Race Route Page.

View the 2017 photo album here.

This exciting community event began in 2010 on the Grand River - Mishta-shipu - known to many as the Churchill River and has grown to be a popular late summer destination for paddlers from across the province and beyond. In 2017, we relocated to the smaller Goose River that provides a more intimate but just as rewarding experience. All participants and spectators are provided an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, large Labrador skies and some good old-fashion competitive recreation and fun. Event themes include small boat safety and activity while showcasing Labrador's trapping heritage and the importance of the canoe for accessing the wilderness of interior Labrador. Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you there!