Changes to 2012 schedule of events
Posted 23 August 2012, 5:10 pm NDT
Attention all participants and spectators in the Great Labrador Canoe Race.

A detailed briefing indicates the weather forecast on Sunday is for strong winds throughout the day and showers. As safety is the priority of our organization, the Committee has changed the schedule so that both the Expedition and Classic races will occur on Saturday. The routine will be identical to what was done in 2011. The forecast for Saturday is sunny, warm and light winds. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes, please advise if you are unable to accommodate this revised schedule.

Saturday 25 August – 30+ Km Expedition Race
Start at Muskrat Falls East Side (follow signs from Trans-Labrador Highway to parking)

- 0800 hrs - Check-in opens for Expedition Race Teams at the foot of the falls, east side

- 0830 hrs - All Participants in place

- 0900 hrs - Start of Expedition Race – Mass Start

Saturday 25 August – 10 Km Classic Race
Start at Causeway on TLH Phase III (drop off canoe and gear at boat ramp, park vehicle to the north and facing north on side of road)

- 1000 hrs – Check-in opens for Classic Race at Boat launch

- 1030 hrs – All participants in place

- 1100 hrs – Staggered start of Classic Race

At Trapper's Pit Stop (Willow Island Area)

- 1130 hrs – Paddlers start arriving and complete portage

At Birch Island Finish Line (Spectators go south along road at El Greco, turn west following signs to beach area

- 1130 hrs – Concessions operational

- 1220 hrs approximately - front paddlers arrive at Finish

- 1400 hrs -final paddlers arrive at Finish

- 1415 hrs – Awards ceremony

Final results uploaded to the Internet Site – Please call 896-7777 if you have any questions.