The Great Labrador Canoe Race was established in 2010 to promote three important themes: the rich history of travel by canoe in Labrador; the encouragement of a readily available recreational activity; and the importance of safety when on the water.

This event began on the Grand River - Mishta-shipu - known to many as the Churchill River. In 2017 the Race was located to the Goose River and has grown to be a popular late summer destination for paddlers from across the province and beyond. All participants and spectators are provided an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, large Labrador skies and some good old-fashion competitive recreation and fun. Event themes include small boat safety and activity while showcasing Labrador's trapping heritage and the importance of the canoe for accessing the wilderness of interior Labrador. Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you there!
For over two centuries following European contact, the fur trade was the dominant economic activity in Labrador and the canoe provided the access. Early settlers accessed the interior 'height of land' by travelling up the Grand River in the fall to Michikimau and beyond. Young boys became men early as they set off with everything they needed to stay alive for several months before walking back out in the winter with hopefully enough fur to procure supplies for the rest of the year. During this period and for centuries prior the Innu, Inuit and ancestors of the Metis also used the canoe as part of their subsistence lifestyle. Thus the canoe is an important symbol of the development of Labrador and indeed Canada.
While canoe travel was mainly associated with a vibrant trapping heritage and a subsistence lifestyle, today's canoe interest is one of adventure and freedom to access the interior wilderness of Labrador. A place where you can still have 300,000 km2 to yourself! But this sense of freedom doesn't come easy, you'll have to work for it. So surrender to the stillness and join us for more adventure and fun in our annual event.
Throughout the planning and conduct of the race, the organizing committee works diligently to provide a safe experience. The Rules respect safe boating practices and conduct in terms of operating a small craft on water.

The Goose Bay Ground Search and Rescue Team escort the canoes, carefully watching the progress of both races. They are able to respond to any mishaps such as flips or leaking canoes that just didn't seem that serious prior to race start.

Starting in 2013, Labrador Grenfell Health has provided medics and equipment at key locations along the race route and Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited has an aircraft stationed nearby to provide additional support.

All competitors should ensure they are sufficiently fit and that they proceed in either event at a pace that is comforable for them - whether racing or just enjoying the 'large Labrador day'.
The Committee
Perry Trimper
Jack Cooper
Randy Letto
Derrick White
Henry Windeler
Jessica Dahn
John Houlahan
Diane Houlahan
Caroline Hong
Robin Cooper
Janet Wiseman
Gerald Healey